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Hotel Room Lighting

Tue Sep 12 09:51:28 CST 2023

Hotel rooms are known as second homes, and their comfort determines the level of the hotel experience. Ambient lighting in a hotel is very important. For high-end star hotels which with good lighting and lighting design, the importance of humanizing lighting in shaping the hotel brand and service is immediately highlighted.

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Before embarking on a hotel lighting design, understand the lighting requirements for each area of a hotel room. In general, there are four areas for the main area, hallway, rest area, bathroom, and writing area.

1. There is a sense of security in lighting the hallways to satisfy the functions of fetching tea and pouring water. Emergency lighting should be configured if necessary.

2. The lighting in the lounge should be warm and intimate.

3. Light in the bathroom should be clear and bright, lamps and lanterns should avoid mirror reflections, and lighting in the shower area should be even, clean and clear, and comfortable. The bath area is deeply anti-glare, avoiding bath dazzle, and bright.

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4. The lighting in the writing area should meet the requirements for writing illumination. Mixed lighting should be used, a reading-table lamp and a small angle spot lamp should be added.

So how do you create a good atmosphere in a hotel room?

1. The combination of functional and decorative lighting can meet the varying needs of the lighting space.

2. Change the way you light your house. In addition to the proper use of spotlights, chandeliers, and other light fixtures, strips of light can be hidden through lamp recesses to highlight the light and dark levels of the guest room and create a humanizing lighting effect.

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3. Use different beam angles. Lighting effects such as key lighting are created in the guest room by adjusting the beam angle of the lamp.

4. A dimming system was used. Through dimming, the lighting and the scene are combined to create a personalized lighting scene.

The development of hotel lighting design is not just a matter of lighting selection, it is a technical and artistic work. You can always contact us if you have any questions. We will do everything to help you!