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Will a crystal chandelier fall if it's too heavy ?

Thu Aug 31 09:59:09 CST 2023

Crystal chandeliers are becoming more and more common in contemporary houses, due to the increasing living standards and aesthetic requirements of people. They have good decoration value for houses. People tend to install it on the sitting room console top, which can provide basic lighting at the same time and make sitting room adornment be layered. But because crystal chandelier is heavier, there are a lot of people who worry about the chandelier falling down and hurting people. So, the chandelier which is too heavy will fall down?

 Crystal chandelier (4).jpg

Under the condition of ensuring installation and product quality , crystal chandelier will not fall down, because it needs open a hole crystal chandelier prior to installation on the ceiling , and with several fixed expansion screws, basically can avoid the risk of falls. Moreover, crystalline light structure is more complicated, so its accessories need to be carefully checked before installation , otherwise it will fall off.

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