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How to install a chandelier correctly

Thu Jun 08 16:57:17 CST 2023

As more and more crystal chandeliers are used in households , there are some people who want to put the crystal chandelier in a better position, or take it down to clean but cannot install it back, or lose some important components. To solve this problem. Here are five steps to install a crystal chandelier properly.

1. Tools and Materials

Before installation, prepare safety ladders, screwdrivers, screws, pliers, rulers, hammers, electric hammers and adhesives, plastics and glass plates.


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2. Test voltage

wants to close power supply above all before installation, divide the fire line that gives power supply, ground line, zero line, ground line is the main return line in the bedroom, fire line is the connecting line in switch. Before installing a crystal dropper, you want to test voltage for a bright number that can clearly control lamps and lanterns.


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3. Fix the ceiling

When fixing the base of the crystal chandelier to the ceiling, avoid the wiring embedded in the ceiling to avoid damaging other power lines. In the position to be installed, crystal chain is fixed on the ceiling, and the chain also needs to be reserved for a certain length, so that the angle of lighting can be adjusted later. 


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4.  Connect the line

Start by connecting the power line to the crystal ceiling. First, use a wire stripper to peel the insulation rubber outside the wire and thread the wire into the center hole at the base of the crystal chandelier. Then wrap the wire between the wire and the chandelier on both sides of the wire again to take insulation measures to avoid short circuits.



5. Install lamps

The installation of crystal chandeliers is more exquisite. The length of the link, the height of the chandelier and the installation position of the lamps and lanterns. There are standard specifications, installation must be taken into account.

These are the basic steps to installing a crystal chandelier. For your safety, please let a professional install it;  if you have to install it yourself, please install it under the direction of a professional. If we can help you in any way, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.