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What room should we put the European lamp in?

Sat May 27 17:04:00 CST 2023

We know that a house according to the area of the room size can distinguish, can also according to its function to distinguish. For example, restaurants, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other different spaces. Many people believe that the choice of European-style lamp can be relatived with the function of the different room to further arrangement. The understanding is correct.


Does Europe type lamp suit to be put in the room of what function? For example, does it fit in a study, bathroom or living room? Do not have a unified answer about this problem. Actually, European type lamps we do not propose to put in toilets commonly inside, why? Because toilet also is a bathroom commonly, at ordinary times vapour goes up all the time, the likelihood can cause certain damage to this costly European type lamp. It is bad apparently.


And in addition to it, other spaces such as bedroom or kitchen, the hall and so on, as long as it is chosen to decorate a style is European, the lights can be put inside these spaces are European, not as features to distinguish, or want itself within the residential space decorate a style to distinguish whether to not put a European-style lamp within this space.


Through this part of the contents of the above share everyone sees, what about room should put type, what style of lamp act the role of is not only by the corresponding function to determine the room, need to be further combined with the corresponding design style in this room, to determine if the design style is to maintain highly unified European type lamp, then you can put the European-style lamp inside.