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How to solve the problem that the glass wall lamp is not bright

Sat Jun 24 17:24:50 CST 2023

Many people install glass wall lamps in their homes nowadays. In the process of using glass wall lamps, even if the glass wall lamps with high price and famous brand are bought at the beginning, there will be some abnormalities in the later stage, such as the lamp not bright suddenly, which is very common.


If the glass wall lamp suddenly does not light, how to solve it? First of all, we need to know what causes the situation possibly. The first possibility is short circuit, the second possibility is circuit breaker, and the third possibility is the led light or white broiled bulb inside is broken.


In either case, first of all, it is necessary to measure with an electric pen to figure out whether the electric current is too large or too small or even 0. If so, it is necessary to reconnect the lines in these positions to it, and then switch on the power after re-connecting.


If it is still not bright, it is necessary to consider whether the lamp is broken. At this time, we need to cut off the power supply, and then remove the lamp, taking the lamp to the place specializing in the sale of internal bulbs to consult, and then buy a new one and install it. So the glass wall lamp can restore the light state.

Through the sharing of this part of the content above, we all understand that the glass wall lamp suddenly does not light up from what aspects should be solved and grasp, if the lamp still cannot be restored to the normal light state after all the above attempts, it is recommended that we can directly call the after-sales customer service phone of this brand of lamps, so that they can arrange door-to-door maintenance. But the general home maintenance to wait for a period of time, needs to wait patiently.